Event Calendar 'All Day' Feature

Hey there,

There seems to be a glitch on the Event Calendar. When I toggle on the ‘All Day’ feature, it is showing two days on the front-end. It’s only one day.
Screenshot below.
Website: https://wespeak.squarespace.com/events
passcode: wespeak
I do not have the feature toggled on right now on the front-end as we’re about to go live so I’ve attached a screenshot below.
Thank you for any direction

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Hi @user932 :wave:

This happens because you have Events in Visitor Local Time Zone enabled:

In your time zone this event lasts from October 19, 00:00 to October 19, 11:59 p.m. For people in another time zones, the event moves to several hours and covers2 different days.

If you want to display only one day when using All Day feature, you need to disable Events in Visitor Local Time Zone.

Please let me know if this clarified things or if you have any further questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for jumping in. I see what you mean.
Most of our events have times added. But there are one or two that are all day.
I want ppl to see the events with times in their own time zone as some of them are virtual.
But I also want it just to reflect one day for everyone who views. The 2 day feature is very confusing for the user. Is this possible?

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Got your point!

I’ll check with our devs if anything can be done and get back to you later :slightly_smiling_face:

@user932 I’ve talked to our devs and, unfortunately, we can’t change this behavior. I am really sorry!

Please let me know if this explains things or if you have any further questions.

Ok thanks for checking.

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You are always welcome :slightly_smiling_face: