Embeded contact form on google sites

Hi I embedded a contact form on my google sites, but the form was only shown partially when it is in ‘mobile view’, the submit button was cut off. But i can see it when i view in desktop style.

Does anyone encounter the same issue before and have a solution for it?

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Hello @user2523! That’s a great pleasure to see you with us! Welcome to Community :heart:

I deeply apologize for all the inconvenience caused :pensive:

The issue is caused by the peculiarities of your CMS. Google Sites wraps the widget into iframes and calculates the height of the block on mobile based on the size of the desktop version.
The only workaround in this case is to increase the height of the desktop version and keep the balance between the height on desktop and mobile.

I hope this explains things.

Please let me know if it helped or any assistance is needed. We’ll be more than happy to help :slightly_smiling_face: