Eliminate SHIPPED TO section on PayPal receipt post-payment submit

Please provide code for the stand alone PayPal button widget that eliminates the SHIPPED TO part in the post-payment receipt. PayPal payments don’t always involve shipping a product after purchase. This payment button for instance, can be used for paying an invoice instead of a physical product. Thank you.

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Hi there @user6057 :wave:

I see that my colleague Annet has already contacted you in a support ticket. As she said, the Shipped To section is a part of the PayPal interface, and we can’t change it with the help of a code. I’m very sorry for this :pensive:

After clicking on our button, the widget redirects the user to PayPal. And this is a PayPal requirement to state shipping address. We recommend to contact PayPal support, maybe they can help to modify the template.