Personalized Item Checkout - Like etsy

I haven’t found an app yet that will do this - but I want to add a all in one PayPal button that also allows the customer to type in personalization details - when checking out.

So that I will receive what they want laser engraved.

Kind of like etsy pages.


Hi @chase1, great idea, thanks a lot for sharing!

Am I right that you’d love to give your customers options: pay via PayPal or via a credit card? Is there anything else you’d love to see in such a widget in terms of features?

Oh, and welcome to the forum, I hope you’ll find this place useful :slight_smile:

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Yes I’m sorry it might be hard for me to describe. But to have at checkout a text field where my clients can type in their personalization notes. And then they pay for the item ( say PayPal checkout) and I receive a email order receipt… so I would be able to see the notes they typed in - to know exactly what to write on the item they purchased. Thank you for any help.


Oh, I guess I see now! You sell unique and personalized items, and need to get the info from your customers to customize the item for them.

This is a very interesting case! Although I’m afraid we can’t expect such a widget to be released in the near future, we’ll try to consider your idea in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!

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Great thanks

Maybe this is something I ask PayPal about…

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Great idea, perhaps they have a solution for such cases :slightly_smiling_face:

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