Elfsight Prizes-for-all Birthday Contest! 🎁

Did you know Elfsight turned 11 this year?

You’ve become much more than just customers, and we’re beyond grateful to have you as part of our big family :heart:

This is a crucial milestone, and we’re stoked to celebrate it with you, our dear community members, through a fantastic contest!

Prizes — what are they?

Everyone who joined our Birthday Sale is entitled to enter the contest! And here’s the list of prizes:

:1st_place_medal: 1st place: 3 years added to your subscription :scream:

:2nd_place_medal: 2nd place: 2 years added to your subscription

:3rd_place_medal: 3rd place: 1 year added to your subscription

:medal_sports: 4th place: 6 months added to your subscription

:medal_sports:5th place: 3 months added to your subscription

All other participants: 1 month added to your subscription!

*A subscription that was made or extended during the Birthday Sale 2023.

How to get the reward?

:heavy_check_mark: Have a new subscription created with BIRTHDAY2023 coupon or the old one extended at:

https://apps.elfsight.com/birthday-sale (old dashboard)
https://dash.elfsight.com/birthday-sale (new dashboard)

:heavy_check_mark: Make a post (it can be a written post, a video post — it’s up to you) in any social media platform, sending your birthday wishes to the Elfsight team.

:heavy_check_mark: Share the link to your post in the comments below, and you’re in!


We, the Elfsight Team, will choose the 5 most captivating birthday wish posts that impressed us most!

Isn’t this the perfect opportunity to tap into your creativity to compete for a 3-year extension prize?

And don’t forget about a guaranteed extra month for all the participants! :heart_eyes:

Going to participate?

  • You bet!
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How long does the party last?

The winners will be announced on Jul 20, 00:00 GMT, so you’ve got 2 weeks to participate! We will contact you and apply your prize on July 20 (on July 21, tops :slight_smile: )

Email: ardain1815@gmail.com

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Happy Birthday to the Elfsight apps team!

Happy Birthday to the Elfsight apps team!

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Happy Birthday Elfsight Team!

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Happy birthday Elfsight! Thanks for EXCELLENT widgets that have enabled a “tech challenged” person like me to add sophisticated functions to my website. Hope there are many more birthdays!
See Elfsight

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Here is the link to our post!



Hi Helga I’m not sure where I’m supposed to post my link for the contest. I just upgraded using the code. And here’s my link. Hope it counts posting this here, because I’m not sure where to post it! :thinking:
I own a paint party business and have connections with over 2000 paint party businesses worldwide! so I hope my post got you some interest!!

My post says :
This message is for my paint party instructor friends , or possibly even Life coach and beauty salon friends who have a website already and would like a scheduling calendar program for free…
I’ve been looking for an inexpensive way to easily add my paint party events to a calendar style widget or app on my website, One that doesn’t charge a $200.00 activation fee on top of a monthly fee as well as a small % of my sales. Or upwards of 80.00 a year for the wordpress plug-in that is clunky looking and ugly … Or one that doesn’t charge my customers a booking fee on top of my class fees…
So After much research I found Elfsight. I tested their free version a few months ago and it worked pretty well, Does it do everything Id like it to do? no, not yet, but I’ll send support some emails and see if they can accommodate me with what I’d like. But for not having to pay a ridiculous activation fee, a % of sales and an almost 10.00 a month fee, or one that doesn’t charge my customer a booking fee, I’m happy with that! … Anyone who is looking for something like this for their website give the free version a try. I am thinking about bumping up to the next level, only because I’m pretty sure once I get the ball rolling the free 200 visitors limit might not be sufficient. I want to start planning out the rest of 2023 in advance. The cool thing is that when an event is over it poofs from the webpage, but stays in the system so if I decide I want to use the design for a different night , All I have to do is reactivate that design/ class and change the dates and times if needed. which means less time fiddling with my website! ! let me know if you give it a try!

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We use @elfsight congrats for turning 11 years old!

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Happy birthday Elfsight

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Happy Birthday Elfsight, 11 years young! https://twitter.com/MoneyhubApp/status/1677022355799826439

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Happy Birthday!!!

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Facebook - Robert Fuller

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unfortunately i haven’t found out how to link or repost a facebook post directly … so i’m just sending a picture

I wish the elfsight team all the best for their birthday and look forward to many more years to come.


Wish the team all the best :boom:
Happy Birthday, Elfsight!
Post link:

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