Does the cookie opt-in widget even block cookies on decline?


I was wondering if the cookie consent widget does anything to the cookies based on the user pressing the allow or decline button.

That’s the whole point of it, right?

I looked at the cookies in the chrome console and they remained the same, no matter if I consented or not. I tried this multiple times after clearing cache and cookies and in incognito mode.

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Hello @user2483! We are so happy to see you in our Community! Welcome :wave: :heart:

Our Cookie Consent widget serves a function of notification and it doesn’t add, enable or disable cookies. So, Cookie Consent widget is for purely informative purposes, and the responsibility for the use of cookies (or any other analytics) rests entirely with you as the site’s owner.

Here’s an article that explains it in more detail - Cookie Consent doesn’t block cookies.

Please let me know if it explains things and if you have any other questions.