Display / Hide Widget by Device (Desktop / Tablet / Mobile)

I would love to see in your widgets platforms is the ability to hide/display widgets per device (on all widgets). So for example, if I want to hide this radio widget on mobile, just need to press a toggle button to hide it. For example, I would need to use another static radio widget only in the mobile version so I can’t affect user experience if I have another floating widgets on mobile site version like a chat button.

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Hello Pedro and Ashrey,

Thanks a lot for your comments!

I see your point and we will try our best to find an option to implement support for hiding widgets on particular devices.

Meanwhile, our Support Team will be happy to offer a workaround by means of CSS code, so don’t hesitate to contact them to get assistance.

Thank you so much for helping us!

Helga, Community Manager

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Hi Craig,

Thanks a lot for telling us about this workaround! I do believe it could help :pray:t2: