Disable Auto Save OR Save Revision History

Recently I built out a very complex conditional logic based form that had about 40 steps. I saved it, published it. Then I had an old window just sitting (duplicate of the page) that I typed on without saving… it autosaved and then overwrote every single thing I did on the conditional logic based form. I had to go back and recreate everything step by step.

Point is. Getting rid of the save button seems insane to me… at least make it optional for everyone. Our team would like to completely disable autosave.

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Hi @Justin98 :wave:

I deeply apologize for all the inconvenience caused by this situation!

I have to say that it was a glitch on our side. Our devs are working on this issue, and I’ll let you know once any news come up.

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention!

As for the revision history, I’d like to let you know that it’s actually saved. If you want to get the previous revision back, just let us know. We’ll gladly do this for you :slightly_smiling_face: