Default feature for Photo Gallery

I use the photo gallery to display our organization’s event pictures. The feature I like best is the slideshow. I would like to be able to select the slideshow as a default feature that displays automatically without having to click on a photo to get the slideshow popup.

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Hey @user3844

Excited to see you as a part of our Community! Welcome :heart:

This feature is available in the Slider layout:

However, I see that you are using Columns layout. Do I understand correctly that you’d like to have this option exactly for the Columns?

Thanks, Max. You’re right, the slider has the automatic slideshow, but the display of photos with the columns and the way the slideshow mode has multiple photos in view while highlighting an individual photo - that is what I like. I would like to be able to display the columns gallery slider and have it automatically open in the slideshow mode highlighting one photo, but showing other photos that are not highlighted. Also to be able to turn thumbnails on or off in the slider setup.

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@Wayne_Bandy Got you!

I do understand that this functionality would be really helpful in such cases and we’ll try to think it over.

Thanks for sharing your idea with us :wink:

Thanks, Max. I appreciate it.


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