Dashboard: Do you need Widget creation date section? [Poll]

Hey Elfsighters!

As you know, we’re fully ingaged in rebuilding our Dashboard these days. And it seems we’ve come up with a question which only you can help us resolve :slight_smile:

Currently, you have Last Modified section next to each widget, but do you need another section showing the Widget creation date?

It would be awesome if you could elaborate on your choice — it will help us come up with the best solution for you!

If you need this section, please describe your use case in the comments, it will come in very handy :rocket:

  • Widget creation date section is a great idea, I need it!
  • I don’t think I need the Widget creation date section

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Thank you!


Need to be able to sort and organize files under each widget!!!


@user1190 thanks for your comment!

Do you mean you need to sort your created widgets within one app? If so, what features you expect to see there, please?


More funcionality = more power. YES YES YES!

last year, it was promised that a dashboard would be developed to be able to sort through a given widget…below the list that I have to go through to find an instance of a widget, its literally impossible .
I have to go through each page and ctl-f for what I am looking for…

I can’t even sort by name? (this is the PDF embedded widget)


@user1190, I totally see your point, thank you! The good news is that the search option is already implemented in the new dashboard, so this very inconvenience is eliminated :heavy_check_mark:

Yes! We have TONS of widgets and it is really hard to search through them since there is no search bar. The only way I am able to find what I am looking for without a search bar is to see when our client onboarded with us and use the widget creation dates to find the widget I need to edit.

Please add a search bar!!

Edit: I just read your last comment and see that you added it :slight_smile:


Thank you for the comment, @Jason!

Yeah, the search bar is already there, and we’re trying our best to migrate our users to the new updated dashboard as soon as possible :slight_smile:

THANK YOU! We have 45+ pages to search through when looking for a widget so that will be very helpful.

Oh, I see! This is a great motivation for our devs to expedite the release, I’ll share this thread with them :slight_smile:

By the way, welcome to the community! We’re happy to discuss things with you here, so your ideas and comments are always welcome!

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where is the new dashboard?

Tell your developers thank you :slight_smile:

It’s on a separate platform at the moment, but we’ll migrate all the users there as soon as the dashboard is ready :slightly_smiling_face:

yes we do

sorry …but we also need a poll widget…like in youtube

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Mujhe blue tick chahiye🙏

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Unless I’m missing how to do it. It would be nice to be able to name the widget after you make it and it shows by name in the dashboard…

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@user1234 thanks a lot for your comment, got you!

As for the Poll app, we have such a request in our Wishlist, feel free to vote for it to subscribe for the updates and bump this request to top: Widgets for Polls

And welcome to the Elfsight community! :slight_smile:

Hey @user1236! Sorry, didn’t quite get you :slight_smile:

Could you please elaborate on what feature you’d love to have exactly?

@user997, you’re welcome to set names for your widgets, I’ll show you how to do so :slight_smile:

Open your widget and find the left upper corner—this is where you can rename your widget:

Please let me know if it helped :slight_smile:

Folks, a HUGE thank you for your votes in this poll!

You helped us a lot, the option to have the widgets creation date has been added to our roadmap! :fire:

See you soon!