CSS for Homepage Logo showcase

We would like to add a CSS code for our Logo Showcase in order it would be as similar as possible to the image linked here. Could you help us please?

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Hello @user560 and we are happy to see you in our Community! Welcome :heart_hands: :rocket:!

Sure thing, we’ll be happy to help you with your customization request!

Could you please specify what changes you’d like to have in more detail?

From what I can see, right now I cannot neither upload a rectangular image, nor make the logos so closed to each others. I’m looking for the exactly same results in the image upon.

Thank you very much

Hi @user560 and thank you for the details!

As much as we’d love to help you with your use case right away, I’m afraid it’s not possible to so via CSS code, as more complex development is required here :frowning:

But it would be awesome if you could add your request to our Wishlist here: Topics tagged logo-showcase.

We’re happy to consider your ideas for our future updates as they really help us enhance our widgets :slight_smile:

Do you think that It could be possible to give a try with other of Elfsight’s Widget? The logo showcase is not an obbligation, it could be whatever it bring us to the closest solution possible.

Thank you very much

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Oh, then I guess our Photo Gallery widget could be a solution here :slight_smile:

Columns layout seems like the best fit for your use case, feel free to check out the options and features. If any questions come up – we’re always here! :raised_hands:t2: