Conference Agenda Widget

The Events Calendar templates are all geared towards a series of events. There is no widget for the agenda of an event.

What a widget that will show a conference programme, that allows for:

  • multi-day conferences
  • multiple sessions per day
  • plenary and parallel sessions
  • speaker and chair info
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HI @K_an :wave:

Thank you for adding your idea!

Do I understand correctly that you’d like to have an app similar to this one?

Hi Max

In parts, yes. That seems to do the whole conference package – agenda, registrations, etc. Very likely you will have customers that would like that. But for us we don’t need all of it. We only need the agenda section, as we have everything else covered. Which is why we’re trying to use you Event Calendar widget.

A good one I’ve seen for an agenda is Zoho Backstage – see https:// zohocorporationeurope.

But again it has too much of things we don’t need.

Another example is PHP Jabbers phpjabbers. com/conference-agenda-software/

If you scroll down to the Live Demo you can see how it works. That is pretty much functionality I’m looking for – click on the day you want, all the sessions are listed. You can click on speaker to see their bio and all the sessions they are in.

Also the conference agenda IAPP have used there is quite good – most of the functionality we’d like.

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Got it, thanks!

If this request is going to gain ground, we’ll try to consider this opportunity in one of our future updates. I’ll keep you posted here :slightly_smiling_face: