Charging for website clients

I’m new at offering website design for my clients and I came across Elfsight. Since there is a monthly price for the widgets, how would you recommend charging the “client” for the widgets. Would you charge them an annual price for the installation or add it into their hosting fee? Any suggestions would be helpful. TIA

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@user2064 welcome to the Elfsight Community and thanks a lot for a very nice question!

I know that we have experienced members on this forum who could give decent advice in this regard.

@Hugh @Markus @Valerio1 @Fabio1 @SOHO_AGENCY @Tantrum_Agency do you maybe have something to recommend? It would be great to hear your thoughts!

Things like contact forms we include at no cost, since we always included those and elfsight forms are the most elegant solution. Sometimes we charge to install a feed, depending on the client and the overall service they are purchasing. We don’t charge any ongoing cost to our clients for including elfsight widgets. That is just our business model, YMMV.

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Depending how you setup the customer account. I have an all apps pro pack pool where I am hosting all my customers. When a customer is agreeing that he don’t need access to the plugins (so I do the work when he need changes and I charge for my work), he can participate in my pool where he will have the source of all 84 plugins + upcoming, unlimited use and views. For that I am asking for a certain monthly fee (paid annual!) where he will get a worry free solution without limits. If he wants his own account with own access, he will pay it directly to elfsight for his account (depending which one he needs) but he will not have unlimited plugins nor views. And I will charge him for the work for the installation.