Change multiple hidden field values via DOM

It would be great if we could change the value and send multiple hidden fields through the form. For example, some time ago I tried to create a mechanism with this resource from Elsight, but I could only do it with one field. So I redid all the code by hand using JQuery.

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Hi @Klayton!

Many thanks for sharing your idea with us and Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you please describe your use case in more detail? We will be happy to check if there is anything we can do for you.

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Hi Max.

Sorry for the delay in getting back. I had a small problem with the form builder in a last project I developed. What I intended was to perform 3 calculations according to the filling in of the form and send the values via hidden fields to the users who filled it out.

According to the developers, I would even be able to perform this task if I sent the values of only one hidden field. Since it was more than one, I couldn’t use the widget. So I looked for a new solution for this demand and ended up writing the code by hand.

I wanted to use Elfsight’s widget to make the work even faster, but it wasn’t this time.

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Hi @Klayton :wave:

Thank you for such a detailed description!

I’ll discuss your use case with our devs and get back to you a bit later.

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Hello @Klayton!

At the moment, we are working on adding API to our Forms. Once API is added to Forms, it will be possible to change hidden field values.

This task is quite complicated and, unfortunately, we can’t name the exact release dates for this feature.

However, I’d like to assure you that our team is working hard to complete the development process as soon as possible. Please do not worry, we’ll keep you updated here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, Max. And sorry again for the delay. :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Klayton :wave:

We are happy to tell you that we’ve add API to our Forms and now it’s possible to implement your use case!

Just to make things clear, if I understood you correctly, you have a main form where you enter data. This form then passes the required data to another form, which inserts them into a “Hidden” field. Afterward, the final form sends all the data with the “Hidden” fields filled in. Am I right?

In case I misunderstood you, would you provide me with some additional info?