Change header font size

Add the code below to Custom CSS field on the Appearance tab of your Countdown Timer widget’s settings:


Thank you, Helga.
Maybe it’s interesting to add here the code that Apollonia sent me when I wanted the last line of the timer to display in a smaller font size than the heading.


This is the code to address just the last line and change to font only in that line.

.eapps-countdown-timer-header-title-text div:last-child {
  font-size: 12px;

Apollonia suggested that it would be a good one for the wish list, and I think that for the Elfsight developers it will indeed be a piece of cake to add options in the standard setting menu of this app for different font sizes for headers and plain text. Many of the Elfsight apps already have this option already built-in, so hopefully it’s easy to add it to this widget too.


@Ingrid_van_Waard Thank you so much for adding your idea to the Wishlist and sharing the solution by Apollonia here :wink:

That’s highly appreciated!