Change domain and mail title

Hello, i want to change the domain name.
The customer receive this:
i want it to change to another domain like:
And I want to change also the subscription in the mail is there any option to change it or do I need something else?

Hi @Mich, great to see you on our forum!

Much as I’d love to help you with setting your custom domain, I’m afraid this option is not supported in our widget yet. I’m so sorry for this inconvenience! :frowning:

You know, we already have such a request in our wishlist, feel free to vote for it and subscribe for the updates: It is necessary to be able to send emails from the | Feature Wishlist. Although this functionality is not that easy to implement, we’ll try to think about adding it to one of our nearest updates.

As for your second question regarding the subscription, my colleagues from Support Team will get back to you in your open support ticket and assist with this question.

Thank you!

Just a note, that if one service sends out mail through another mailserver, there is a better chance it will be marked as spam by the recipient.

I don’t love the sending address, but it has seemed to resolve the email never arriving situation I’ve experienced with other form plugins.

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Thanks for your note, Hugh!

We have a different address not so long ago and changed it to notifications@ in order to resolve several issues, including situations when these emails went to Spam folder.

Great to hear that you’re good with the widget now! :slight_smile: