Can you hide the title in all in one reviews

Hi new here, was wondering if you can you hide the title of the all in one reviews app as it doesn’t match my website font and would rather use my own font, size and style
here’s the google sites site where I have it installed Garden Maintenance Service Norwich

Thanks in advance.

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#1. You can change Widget Title Color same as page background color…so users won’t see the text, or change title size to 0px

#2. You can also add this code to CSS tab

div[id*="eapps-all-in-one-reviews"] [class*="WidgetTitle"] {
    display: none !important;

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Happy to see new faces around here! Welcome @Stephen_Kennard :wave:

I’ve checked your website and see that the CMS is Google Sites. Due to the peculiarities of Google Sites, only the most popular fonts like Arial and Times New Roman are supported

If the font you’d like to use is Google font, please try to follow the steps of the 2nd workaround described in this article (it’s suitable not only for Wix but for Google Sites as well).

As for the title hiding, you can use CSS code as @tuanphan suggested. However, there is even simpler option.

Just click on Widget Title section on Layout tab and disable Widget Title setting:


Check it out and let me know if it helped :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Max, thanks you very much for your help, worked a treat!

That’s awesome!

You are always welcome :wink: