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Good morning!
Would it be possible to have a simple API solution where we can push the calculation field input of the customer into another external tool (via api?)

The pricing calculator is great but we need to push this filled information of our customer into our design tool so the customer can proceed with the design.

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Hey there @Nick_Wijmans :wave:

Your idea sounds like a great addition to the widget, I hope our devs will pay attention to the API implementation in the future. We’ll keep you informed about any changes here :wink:

Many thanks for adding your request and welcome to the Community!

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during the calculation I want the choices of the services and the prices to be stored and included in the confirmation email I receive from the customer

Hi @Toprak_Kurt :wave:

Thank you for adding your idea to the Wishlist!

I see that you are using a Call-to-Action button redirecting users to your form and you want the filled info to be pulled right to this form. Am I right?

If it is, we have a request for the form API that should cover your use case. I’ve moved your comment to the dedicated thread where we’ll share all the updates.

However, if I misunderstood you, please describe your idea in more detail :slightly_smiling_face:

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