Buttons (with jump links) are not clickable on mobile after I installed a countdown timer widget on top of page

  • Issue description:
    I installed the Countdown timer widget on my website. On mobile, I noticed that the Buttons on the page (which have jump links) are not working anymore. Steps to replicate-
  1. Open Brand Kits — Brandbeam
  2. Click on widget on top
    Problem 1 - It does not take to the jump link on new page instead to the top of page
  3. Try to click the button on home screen on new tab opened
    Problem 2 - no buttons work
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Hi @Anshul_K and welcome to Community :wave:

I’ve checked your webpage on mobile and can’t see the widget at the moment:

Could you please specify whether you’ve hidden it?

Its active now. May br try a Private session, or clean cookies.

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Hi can you check now.

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We’ve checked your website and the issue seems to be caused not by our Countdown Timer widget.

Our devs have temporarily disabled the widget and the issue still persists.

You can try to remove the widget from the webpage and check the script related to jump links.

Hmm the jump links worked when I disabled the widget so I thought it was widget causing it. Have you activated it again.

Yes, the widget is activated now. Could you please follow the steps mentioned above and let me know how it worked?

I have a temoprary solution, where I have de activated button click on widget for mobile so it does not mess up with Buttons on mobile page. i am happy with this for now. Thanks.

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You are always welcome :raised_hands: