Button with URL in popup

I need a button with the website/location URL within the pop-up. Or at least, create a hyperlink on that, instead of having the whole url displayed.

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Greetings and welcome aboard @user11509 :wave:

I’ve checked your widget and it seems that you’ve already found a custom solution for your case:


Please let me know if you have any questions left or any assistance is required :wink:

Hi @Max ,

Yes thanks, your team (Elena and developer team) provided me with a CSS Style code to implement that button. Elena wrote in the support e-mail that she opened that case in here, in order for it to be implemented in the Google Maps Widget, so no CSS code is needed in the future.

Will you be able to foward this for implementation?

Thanks & br,

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Oh, I got it!

Sure, happy to hear that Elena and devs provided a custom solution for you :slightly_smiling_face:

However, we see that it would be great to have such an option in configurator. We’ll try to take it under consideration in the future.

All the updates will be posted here!