Button that stops in a certain area and don't go all the way to the top

All in the title.

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A “go to a certain area” button woul be very nice…

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Hi @Maximilian_Renn :wave:

We are excited to see you as a part of our Community, welcome :tada:

Glad to tell you that this functionality is available in our Button app. You just need to choose Scroll to Element action and add Element ID or Class:

If any further questions come up, feel free to let me know. I’ll be happy to advise :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Max,

thanks for your help.

I´m sorry, but I need some more advise. Is there any special form how to select the id´s or sections?

It´s not working….

Here´s an screenshot of the layout (modx) i want to jump on with the button:



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@Maximilian_Renn Could you please send me a direct link to your website and specify the element to which you want to redirect your visitors?

Hi Max,

I got it.

Thanks for your help.




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Happy to hear that you are good now!

If any questions come up, I am always here for you :wink: