Black Friday Offer 2022

Hi guys, just to say, and tell me when I am wrong, but the Black Friday Offer check out page is designed to lead a user that doesn’t pay close attention to extend it’s subscription twice or even more times.
Once clicked on the button “Extend” there is no confirmation, no popup or leading to another, say a “Thank You” page (which btw would be nice and the polite thing to do). The only thing that changes is the text on the button. There is not even a layout shift on the page which could give a hint to the user that something actually happened.
I just hit the button twice as I thought I was stuck, and then realised that I extended my subscription for another two years. Obviously getting charged for it. Now I have the hassle asking for refunds.

Here two screenshots for those who would like to give me their thoughts on it.

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Hi @DaniBali, and thank you very much for your feedback!

Although we tried to alter our extension page to make it more transparent and convenient, it seems it could still use some more improvement.

I really love your idea about the Thank You popup, I agree it would be a surefire confirmation of the purchase.

Again, thanks a lot for pointing us in this direction! We’ll try our best to consider your suggestion for our future sales :slight_smile: