Black Friday Sale is Here!

The biggest and most awaited Elfsight Black Friday Sale is on!

Your coupon code to get 50% discount on any annual plan: BLACKFRIDAY2022

Go treat yourself! :star_struck:

FAQ: The most common questions

Who can take part in Elfsight Black Friday Sale?

Everyone! No matter whether you already have a subscription at Elfsight or just thinking about making it. The coupon discount will work for any new app and plan :slight_smile:

Can I apply the coupon to monthly plans?

No, this offer works for yearly plans only. But with a yearly plan, you’ll save 67%!

Is this discount recurring?

No, it’s a one-time offer, but this sale takes place every year, so you’re very welcome to benefit from it over and over again.

Or, you could prolong your subscription for as many years as you want here. The discount is baked in :slight_smile:

Can I upgrade from a monthly plan to yearly with the discount?

Absolutely! Please contact our Support Team, they will be happy to help with this :slight_smile:

Can I upgrade my current plan with the discount?

Yes! Please contact our Support Team, they will be delighted to assist :slight_smile:

Can I upgrade my single subscription to Pack?

We can help with that, too! Just contact our Support Team, they’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

If you have other questions, feel free to ask them below. And happy shopping guys! :fire:

Hi there, how can we take advantage of this with our current plan?


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It will help to start a small business

please take me out of this thread…thx

What is your name n what are you talking about because my name is Darren Wagaman I live in Chamberlain South Dakota

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Please take me out of this thread also thanks!

It seems that Elfsight has a bug in their email, everyone is getting cc’d

Hi @user1224, you definitely CAN use this discount, please contact our Support Team, they will be happy to help you with that :slight_smile:

Hey can you guys stop emailing me announcements and stuff?

Hey @user1190 @Michalis, it seems you’re watching the whole Announcements category, that’s why you get notified about new topics and posts.

If you’d love to switch off this thread notifications, here’s how you can do so:

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Perfect! I never initiated this myself btw. I think the default setting should be Normal for everyone.

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Yeah, I’ve double-checked the settings and adjusted them, now you won’t get the notifications about each new post here.

Thanks a lot for your help! :slight_smile:

Why does this say you extend until 2024. If you purchase for a year it should end 2023. EX.The subscription end date will change from Dec 4, 2022 to Jan 4, 2024 < SHOULD BE 2023.

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Hi @Patricia, if you’ve got any issues or questions regarding your subscriptions, please contact our Support Team, they will be very happy to check everything for you :slight_smile: