Banner: Horizontal layout is available now

We are excited to announce that we’ve added the Horizontal layout to our Banner app :tada:

When choosing a horizontal layout, all elements are lined up horizontally one after another. When elements overflow a line, they are carried to the next one:

Important details

Layout option for Image and Video elements is available only for vertical layout



Image/Video Size setting controls the height, the width is adjusted to the height in a ratio of 16:9; the image and video settings for the horizontal layout do not depend on the settings for the vertical layout

GIF 12-20-2023 5-52-33 PM

iFrame block is disabled (works only for the vertical layout)


Content Alignment option is available only for the vertical layout



Form blocks successfully transform to horizontal forms

Guys, have you tried out the new layout? Don’t hesitate to share your feedback - we always love hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face: