API to control basic widget options such as visibility

It would be great to have an API where you can get and control basic information of your widgets.

Use Cases:

  • Get a list of all active Widgets (including visibility, type, name and view count) with filters (e.g. filter all popups, filter by client - if agency account is enabled, … )
  • Get the view count of a widget by ID
  • Change basic information of a widget (site visibility, name, enable / disable, …)

This would really help to gather statistics and to e.g. change the visibility of a widget by an automation process

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Hey there @Roman_Hutterer :wave:

I completely get where you’re coming from! I cannot but agree that this functionality would be game-changing for our dashboard. We’ll try to take your idea under consideration in our future updates.

Thanks a bunch for sharing your thoughts and welcome to Community :heart: