Android Users unable to navigate to website

My widget is functioning for desktop users, and iPhone users. Android users are not able to navigate to my website as it will not allow the keyboard to pop up only for a second before disappearing. HELP.


Hello @Sarah2, thank you for the report!

We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience, but at the moment our Age Verification app is really experiencing issues on Android devices.

Our dev team are already working on the fix, I’ll keep you in the loop here :pray:t2:

Meanwhile, I’d recommend you changing the verification method to Yes/No buttons:

Help, I recently relaunched a website with the age verification but there’s a glitch on android devices when they start typing the date of birth the keyboard flashes and you can’t enter anything. How do you solve this issue? Link:

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Jason4, I am having this EXACT issue! Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

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Yes, it seems like this is an Android issue. One workaround is to use the template where you don’t have to enter in the date of birth. I’m over 21 years, yes or no.

Does Elfsight offer this as a script I can put in?

They offer different Templates when you create a widget, see attached.

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Hello folks!

I’ve moved all the related posts to this thread, and I’ll keep you updated here.

We’re doing everything possible to provide a fix shortly :pray:t2:

Thanks a lot for the heads up!

@Sarah2 @Jason4

I’m happy to confirm that the issue fixed! Could you please check your websites and let me know if everything’s fine?