An events calendar Widget that works on GoDaddy sites

I love the Event Calendar widget and it is the most used feature of my website. But, because it relies on i-frames, it isn’t fully compatible with GoDaddy sites. The events display but the links for sharing events do not work, so my site visitors cannot share events onto their social media. It would be great if the app could be tweaked so that it could be used on GoDaddy sites.

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@Michael18 thank you very much for sharing your use case, and welcome to the Elfsight community! :tada:

Yes, I’m very sorry that our widget doesn’t work to the fullest, as GoDaddy doesn’t support popup elements at the moment. I’m afraid it’s more about the GoDaddy platform restrictions, but we’ll try to figure out whether we can do anything about it on our end.

I’ll keep you updated in case of any news here :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help, it’s highly appreciated!