Allow images to be searchable by the name, title, description, etc

We’d like to use Portfolio to list artwork from our art group members. The description will contain the artist name, the title of the artwork, and a few other items. It would be great if a visitor could type in a name (or part of a name), or a few words from a title, and see all the images that match the search terms.

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I would like to suggest the incorporation of a search feature in the Portfolio plugin that would allow users to easily search for items within their portfolios. Currently, users only have the option to filter by category, which may not be sufficient for those who have a large number of items in their portfolios.


  • The search feature would make it easier for users to quickly find specific items within their portfolios.
  • It would enhance the usability of the plugin by providing a more efficient navigation tool.
  • It would enable users to manage larger portfolios more effectively.

I appreciate your attention to this suggestion and hope that you will consider the possibility of implementing this feature in future versions of the Portfolio plugin.

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Hi there @Savitar :wave:

Many thanks for such a detailed comment and sharing your vision on the benefits of this feature!

We already have such a request and I’ve moved your comment there too. I’ll make sure to update you here in case of any news :slightly_smiling_face:

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