Allow "Attibutes" within the iFrame widget

There is an option to use an iFrame within the popup and the other plugins. It works really well! However, there is one (big) issue with the iFrame embed. If I want to access the microphone or video camera within an iFrame, I need to add the following attribute - allow=“microphone” - to the iFrame code in order to get access to the microphone of the viewer (I have a recording script for viewers to leave me messages).

Let’s use the example below. It is a normal iframe script, it works statically added to a page. If I add the allow=“microphone” then I get access to the microphone, same for the camera.

However, there is no option to add any additional attributes in the iFrame widget. More attributes would really upgrade this feature!

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The feature has been released! :tada:

This is how you will find it:

  1. Go to your widget’s Blocks tab
  2. Choose iframe block
  3. Find Allow attributes
  4. Enable the needed options

Check all the widget’s options in our Popup online demo (Popup - Add responsive Popup widget to your website (free and fast)) !

You are welcome to leave your feedback regarding this functionality in comments below :blush: