Adding Multiple Buttons to a Single Event

I created an event, but need to add mutiple buttons to the event for various options, such as Spectator Registration, Participant Registration, Rules, Hotel Registration, Attire etc. These buttons change for each event.

I see where I can add a single button to an event, but how can I add mutiple buttons per event? Thanks

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Hi @user739, thank you so much for joining our forum, welcome! :hugs:

I’m very sorry to say, but there is no option to add several buttons to one event. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience :pensive:

But we’re always happy to hear your ideas and suggestions, and we do consider them for our future updates. I hope your idea will be added in one of the next updates as well :slight_smile:

If you’ve got any other questions, I’ll be happy to help!

I would like to have multiple buttons on list view.
Example, one for tickets and one for extra information or so.

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Greetings @Ebba_Musikhuset :wave:

I cannot but agree that this option would be really helpful, and glad to tell you that we already have such a request in our Wishlist. I’ve moved your request to the dedicated topic, where we’ll keep you in the loop :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a million for sharing your feedback and welcome aboard :heart: