Add more CTA buttons

Hi there! Loving the widget - would love to have a few more features.

  1. Display “The Badge” underneath the business name not along the same row as business name based on character count of business name.

  2. More icons in library. Form icon, order online icon, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Google & Google Reviews, Apple Maps.

  3. Ability to select Apple Maps to open for directions.

  4. When clicking on map inside location modal that it opens up with the Google Business profile not just a dropped pin.

  5. A search function that you could enter a city or business name and it would pull up locations near that query.

  6. Ability to add more than one photo, maybe even to add video as well!!

  7. Show Google Reviews or at least the current rating and the Write a Review button?

Thank you & again love the widget just a fe things that could add some more functionality.

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Hi @Shawn_Martin :wave:

We are elated to hear that you’re having a great experience using our app. Thanks a million for your kind feedback and awesome ideas!

  1. You can move the badge under the Business Name using this code:
.global-styles, [class*='location-preview-image-layout__Content-sc'] [class*='typography__Container-sc'] {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column;

.global-styles, [class*='location-preview-image-layout__Content-sc'] [class*='typography__Container-sc'] [class*='badge__StyledBadge-sc'] {
  width: max-content;

Please check it and let me know how it worked :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. This is a nice idea! We’ll try to consider adding more CTA buttons. I’ll keep you updated in this thread.

  2. I like this idea as well. I’ve added it as a separate request, so you can keep an eye on it here - Apple Maps to open for directions

  3. At the moment, when you click on the location, it opens its detailed card with the dropped pin and you want to display the Google Business profile above this pin. Am I right?

  4. We already have a request for a search feature. You can vote for this idea here - Search option

  5. This is a great suggestion and we’ll try to think it over in the future. All the updates will be posted here - Ability to add more than one photo

  6. The idea of showing Google Rating and Write a Review button sounds like a nice addition. I’ve moved this request to a separate topic - Display Google Review, rating and write a review button

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