Accessibility Widget

Accessibility Widget for website for ADA compliance. Make websites available to every user using the web and ensures your site is fully compliant with ADA and WCAG 2.1 guidelines.


Hi @user1100, that’s a very good suggestion, thank you for sharing!

We’ll try to think in this direction and see what we can bring to support this use case.

Thank you for your help and yes, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:


Yes, that would be very helpful, a huge improvement for websites!


No, no, no! There are already widgets that claim to make your site compliant. They do not and in fact attract vulture attorneys because they know that’s not all you need. NO WIDGET can make a site compliant. Don’t even try. Instead, Elfsight, please make your own widgets WCAG compliant!! We are having to remove them because the ones we use are not. And sadly, as we remove them, so goes a lot of the really cool functionality we have that really adds to the customer experience. :frowning:

@Kelli, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

I’m really sorry to hear that our widgets do not fully meet the requirements for your use case, and you even have to remove them.

Kelli, would it be an option for you to contact our Support Team? They’ll be happy to check your widgets and see what can be done with the compliance situation.

And yes, many thanks for your feedback, I’ve already shared it with the team so that they have some food for thought :slight_smile:

Our website is primarily for older adults, a population that faces more medical challenges as they age. Our customers are asking for this Accessibility feature, which makes it easier to read the website.
For me, this is a critical need. I purchased another plugin from another developer, but it interferes with Google Translate (it creates a 2nd call to Google Translate). I am hoping Elfsight creates this plugin and that it does not interfere with other plugins. Thank you. I love Elfsight.

Hi @Lisa_JL :wave:

Thank you so much for such a thorough comment!

I totally understand your point and agree that this feature is really important, especially for elderly people.

We’ll try our best to consider it in our future updates. All the news will be posted in this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

It is nice exploring other available products here, and of course as a full package subscriber with elfsight It would be nice to have it possible to accommodate these violations which can be threatened.

These two providers (Audio Eye and Accessibe) are a great example of all the control that could be given to clients. Everyone needs something different but I love the idea of having a convert the page to text only, having it be read, and even make it to dyslexia font.

Would be very appreciated!

Hi @Rev_Devan :wave:

Your feedback is highly appreciated, many thanks for sharing your examples with us :heart: