Ability to change the audio line-level from vertical to horizontal

Share your use case and provide as many details to support your idea as possible: I would like the ability to change the audio line-level from vertical to horizontal, sometimes the line level doesn’t display good with an image or image background.

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Hi @user4151 and welcome to Community :wave:

Do I understand it correctly that you mean a Volume control?

Hello Max,

Yes, it goes vertically up or in some cases down, but never horizontal, which in some cases may be better. I understand that it may get in the way of another check option feature like the playlist icon, but would be helpful if that wasn’t used. Reason being is that the volume up or down vertically can go way above or below the app window container. Causing it to either get cut off and nor fully seen when clicked on or it may get hidden up or down into other graphics on the site.

Thanks for the consideration!

BTW: Is there a way to embed the playlist on a app that is being built in FlutterFlow?


Got your point!

We’ll try to consider this functionality in our future updates.

As for your second question, I’ll discuss it with our dev team and get back to you a bit later :slightly_smiling_face:

@user4151 I’ve talked to our devs and we aren’t sure if it’s possible to install our widget to an app built on FlutterFlow. However, we’ll gladly check it for you :slightly_smiling_face:

To do this, we need temporary access to this app. Could you please provide me with it in dm?