Your Cookie Consent Pop Up is not ADA Complaint - Getting Sued

Dear Elfsight,

I just received notice from a Law Firm telling us our Pop Up is not ADA Complaint and demanding money to settle lawsuit.

Please see the message from the plaintiff lawyer.

Defendant prevents screen reader users from accessing some primary content. For example, when consumers visit the Online Store from a new IP address, Defendant displays a pop-up message to notify them of its cookies policy. Consumers who perceive content visually can click the “Privacy Policy” hyperlink within the pop-up message to learn more about how Defendant collects and shares their personal information with social media, advertising, and analytics partners. Unfortunately, Defendant does not alert screen readers of this pop-up message. Instead, screen readers remain focused on the content of the Online Store’s underlying page, making Defendant’s cookies policy invisible to screen reader users. As a result, it is impossible for Plaintiff to perceive this important legal disclosure independently. Click the following link to view a short video demonstrating this access barrier:

Do you have a resolution for this?

Steve Lee
Pado Inc.


Hi @user5316 and welcome to Community :wave:

Please accept my deepest apologies for the delayed reply and all the frustration caused by this issue!

I totally understand your point and we’ll try our best to find a solution.

I’ve forwarded your request to our dev team. Once any news come up, I’ll immediately let you know :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @user5316 :wave:

Thank you for waiting!

The issue is fixed. Please check your website and let me know how it works :slightly_smiling_face: