Wishlist Category is here! 🤩

Dear Elfsighters,

I’m elated to officially announce that the Wishlist Portal has successfully moved to our Forum! :tada:

From now on, we’re very happy to discuss your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions here, so feel welcome to share everything you have in mind :slight_smile:

We’re still working on polishing this category to make it as convenient as possible, and if you’ve got any ideas on its improvement—we’ll be happy to listen!

What you can do in the Wishlist category:

  • Vote for the ideas you loved to bump them to top

  • Comment to share your thoughts and suggestions for us to implement the most efficient update

  • Request new features and apps

Just between you and me, our devs go the extra mile to keep our service safe and sound, maintain the apps, provide efficient support, and, of course, release regular updates.

To this end, your involvement will be immensely helpful, as together we can do great things :slight_smile: