Widget code will not work with wix website?

My website provider and I have attempted to use the code for Google Reviews and it will not work. Suggestions?


@John_Schuler Greetings, and welcome to our wonderful community!

We’ll be happy to check things for you! I see that you’ve opened a support ticket and added www.jhhominspections.com as your website. However, I see the following error:

Could you please check if there is a typo in www.jhhominspections.com?

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Drop the www. and see if that works. jhhomeinspections.com

I do not know why but it works without it.

@John_Schuler Thank you so much!

We’ll be happy to help you with the installation. To do this, we need some additional information, that’s why I’ve contacted you in a support ticket.

Please check your inbox :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ll be looking forward to your reply!