Why the white space at bottom occurs when installing on my squarespace website

Elfsight click to call button leaves a white space at the bottom while scrolling in my squarespace website and it looks odd.

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Happy to see you’ve decided to team up with us! Welcome @Navdeep_Singh :wave:

You see this white space due to our information panel. You’re the only person who can see it, and you can only see it when you’re logged in to your Elfsight account. It’s displayed for you as the account owner.

When you log out of the account, you won’t see this either white space or the panel, and your website visitors never ever see it at all.

You can check the widget on your website in incognito mode to make sure that no one else can see it.
Here is special article about it - Why I see a panel above my widget

Please let me know if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face: