Visible reCAPTCHA

Do you offer another solution than Google Recaptcha? Because in Europe -with the European Union- Google and not very well looked at with everything regarding the data.

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Hey there @user11921 and welcome aboard :wave:

I have to say that only Google reCAPTCHA is supported in our apps, I am sorry!

Could you please specify which type(s) of reCAPTCHA you’d like to be implemented in the future?

Hi Max,
I was thinking of, for example, a question asked like “9+7=?” or even “write blue in the following field” others like that, for example, you see?
Even if AIs can increasingly skip the recaptcha, this solution remains no less effective in reducing spam attempts.
Because you know, in EU, Google… :confused:


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Got it, thanks!

We’ll try to think about this opportunity in the future updates. I’ll keep you in the loop :slightly_smiling_face:

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