Universal Text Block

Question: Is there a global/universal text block? I have an identical text area on many different pages and when I update the text, I need it to change on all of the pages where it exists. It would take far too long to change the text manually on every page.

#1. First, you create a page with

#2. Add your desired text.

#3. Add Code Block in the position where you want to insert text.

#4. Paste this code to Code Block

<div data-wm-plugin="load" data-target="/universal-text"></div>

#5. Install this plugin.
The plugin will give you some code to add to the Code Injection Header/Footer.

#6. Check pages in #3, #4, you will see text appear.

#7. Now, when you edit text in Page: Universal Text. All text you insert using Code Block (in #3, #4) will change.