TripAdvisor Issue

Hello Helga, I have a similar problem, just opened a tripadvisor account and wanted to link my reviews in my shopify website, all seems done properly, but on tripadvisor there are 2 reviews and they do not show in shopify

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Hello @user2138 and welcome to Elfsight Community :wave: :fire:

I am so sorry that you’ve faced such an issue with our app.

I’ve forwarded your request to our devs, and, hopefully, they’ll come up with a proper solution really soon :rocket:

Please do not worry, I’ll keep you updated :wink:

Thank you Max :slight_smile:


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Hi @user2138!

Unfortunately, the issue appeared to be more complicated than it expected to be.

Our devs are still investigating the issue. I’ll immediately get back to you as soon as I receive any news.

Thank you for your patience and understanding :pray:

Well, I followed the instructions of the video and that seemed working easily, as you can see from the screenshots tripadvisor it shows on the website, but not the reviews, even though from my website you can click and write one, so the connection is there. Don’t know if this can help you to understand where the problem is.

If it doesn’t work I’ll have to remove it or, if there is an option, at least I should embed a link to reach tripadvisor from my website

Thank you :pray:

Hi Max, all in a sudden now the first 3 reviews appeared, probably it takes a couple of days from the moment people write them on tripadvisor. If so it’s weird, but at least it’s working.

@user2138 Yes, our devs have resynced the source and the reviews have been displayed.

The reason the new reviews don’t make it to the feed on your website right away is the 48-hour cache time.

Our widget uses cache to make it load faster and to reduce the server load, so it doesn’t request Tripadvisor each time someone browses your feed.

Instead, it requests Tripadvisor once in every 48 hours, pulls in the reviews, stores them in the cache, and displays them from the cache. After the cache is expired, the widget requests the source for reviews again, and that’s when the new ones make it to your feed.

I hope this explains things.

If it’s been more than 48-hours, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We’ll be happy to check everything for you.

Have a nice day!

Thank you Max, all clear, knowing it before I wouldn’t have troubled you.

Have a nice day ahead :pray:


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