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Folks, our former Wishlist portal, where our users shared their requests and suggestions, was transferred to this forum. You’re most welcome to vote, add new ideas, and leave your comments here — we surely will consider them all! :star_struck:

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Hey there :wave:

Glad to tell you that the Knot source is now available in our app - All-in-One Reviews: Enjoy 9 new sources (ZocDoc, Glassdoor, Sitejabber and more) :rocket:

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I was just about to post, saying that one of my clients really needs this feature, and then Max was like, “Hey, I got you in the Knot’!” Great job! Now we just need the Wedding Wire, and my clients will be on a whole new level.

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Wow, perfect timing from our devs :grin:

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing feedback, it’s highly appreciated! As for the Wedding Wire source, we’ll keep you in the loop in this thread - Wedding Wire & The Knot review pulling