Team Vision, Implementation & Execution

How long have you been using Elfsight? 2 Years

What do you like best? I have asked for and received timely & helpful support on several occasions & I have always felt good & better off after doing so (not always the case with some companies). That alone is worth a huge High Five…they really are awesome at helping us get from here to there:) BUT…that’s not the main reason or shout out for this Topic…for me, I am most impressed with the products & their empowering way of helping customers like me get the most out of the products they offer that can be used in different ways & solve “these” problems…I love that this one can do “this” and this one can do “This” but the way their team empowers me / the user, on how to implement it & use it so my stuff SHINES is their real power. A tool is really only as good as the person who is using its ability to master it & that is where the Elfsight leadership & Team truly SHINES!

What problems does Elfsight help you resolve? I am in a very crowded market (real estate agents) and their products and tools allow me to be different & offer more.

@Brian3 thank you ever so much for this awesome feedback!

It’s invaluable to hear that you’re not only happy with the product itself but also feel cared about, which was our utmost desire :heart_eyes:

Thanks a million for this post, you’ve made our day! :rocket: