Team showcase widget

Create a thin margin around the team showcase and other widgets.When viewed on mobile, the widgets have this look that the edges are cut off and little cramped.

Hi @Fleur_Alleman :wave:

Could you please send us a direct link to the page where your widget is installed? Here you will find the social feed widget.

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Thank you!

Your request is now with our devs. We’ll make sure to keep you abreast of any updates :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you

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Hi @Fleur_Alleman!

For the Team Showcase widget you can use this code to add paddings:

[class*="WidgetBackground__ContentContainer"] {
  padding: 0 20px;

As for the other page you shared, I can see that you have an Instagram Feed widget installed there. Are you looking to add paddings to the post grid here?

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yes, I am looking to add paddings to the instagram post grid and also looking for a solution to make it responsive on mobile.

Sorry, It’s the social feed widget not the instagram feed. Instagram feed is responsive but the social feed widget is not.

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Could you please send us a link to the page with the Social Feed widget?

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@Fleur_Alleman thank you for the link!

Please add this CSS code to Custom CSS section and let me know if it helped :slight_smile:

.global-styles, [class*="eapps-social-feed-"] {
  max-width: 100vw;

Yes, this worked. Thank you!!

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I have used the Teacher’s team showcase template here.Is it possible to add categories similar to company structure team showcase widget into Teacher’s template?

Hi @Fleur_Alleman, I’ve checked your widget and it seems you’ve already changed the widget layout to company structure, am I right?

I’m afraid I didn’t find a widget you showed on your screen, so if I misunderstood you, please send me the link to the page with the widget in question, I’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:
Here is the URL to the said page .I am using teachers template of the team showcase widget here and would like to add categories/ classification similar to the company structure template.
Thanks for you prompt reply.

Great, thanks!

I’ve tried to switch your current layout to the first layout (which represents the Company structure template), but some elements in the widget look not as expected because of the custom CSS added to the widget:

By the way, do you need to keep these custom settings, or do you need the widget to look exactly as on the Company structure template?

I just removed most of the custom css code except for the rounded borders. Would like to keep the borders the same. We have brands and special brands. I am looking for a solution to add those categories to this same layout.

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I believe I understand how to understand the classifications. Thanks for the support.