Team showcase popup

How do I remove rounded corners from the team showcase popup?
And is it possible to add number counter widget inside the popup?

Hi @Fleur_Alleman,

It seems the solution for the issue with the rounded corners is in your previous topic, you can find it here: Rounded border in Team showcase widget :slight_smile:

As for the number counter widget inside the popup, there is a way to do so! You just need to add HTML block in your Popup widget and add the installation code of your Number Counter widget there. Just in case, here’s an article to help you with that: HTML block in Popup widget - Elfsight Help Center.

Let me know if it helped!

Hi @Fleur_Alleman,

You can use this code to remove rounded corners in the popup:

.global-styles, [class*="PopupItem__Container"] {
  border-radius: 0;
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@Fleur_Alleman I’m afraid it’s not possible to add another widget to the popup as of now, my apologies for that :frowning:

But you’re welcome to request this feature in our Wishlist :slight_smile: