for all our customer we use service from SMTP2GO to have a good delivery rate.
for the moment i only see a mailchimp integration.

i think it’s more easy to integrate custom SMTP settings than use the api of every smtp solution on the market.

it will make integration more interesting and reliable for eveyone in my opinion

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Fred, and thanks a lot for sharing your idea with us!

You know, we’re actively working on releasing Zapier integration, and we’re actually on the verge of make it happen :slight_smile:

Could this solution work for you, or do you need a direct integration with SMTP2GO?

Sorry, i just notice your message :slight_smile:

an integration of zapier is a good news since we can have multiple action possible.

but i think an integration of customSMTP can be more easy to implement and more reliable.

a direct integration of SMTP2GO or any other smtp provider seems useless since they all provide the ability to use SMTP. you will reach more customer with custom SMTP.

thanks again

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@Fred it’s totally fine! :slight_smile:

Yes, I do see your point, and I really hope our devs will be able to add custom SMTP integration one day, I’ll keep you updated here :slight_smile:

By the way, today we’ve rolled out Zapier integration, maybe it will work for you! You can find the details here: Forms, Popup, Banner: Zapier integration