Simple statistics on how many people filled the form

It would be good to have some simple statistics available for pop up newsletter forms. How many people subscribed or filled the form, so that we could monitor the performance of popups or in some cases control if the pop up appears.

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Hey there @Galacta_Jewelry :wave:

I have to say that you can receive the form submissions right to your e-mail address. I’ve checked your widget and see that you’ve successfully added your email address to the Notify Me section.

Do I understand correctly, that you would like to see all the statistics right in your dashboard, instead of manually counting the number of submissions in your inbox?


Yes, that’s correct. My view count resets every month, so I would need to keep track of it manually to be able to calculate the percentage of subscribed people.

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Thank you, Ksenija!

We’ll try to consider this opportunity in our future enhancements. We’ll keep you posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

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