Sexy looking comparison chart for different subscription plans

We need a comparison chart widget that allows more flexibility for formatting and UI/UX. Feedhive is a great.

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Hi @Micah_Schmidt :wave:

Your suggestion sounds interesting! However, it would be nice if you could provide some more details on your use case. What features are must-have for this app? What layouts should be available? Do you have any example for a reference?

Any details would help us better understand what you are looking for :slightly_smiling_face:

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I see that it’s similar to our Pricing Table app, which you are already using. Could you please specify why our Pricing table app doesn’t meet your case? Is it just a design matter or maybe Feedhive offers certain features that are not available in our app?

I think it’s mainly design. It would be nice to have more design options.

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Got you @Micah_Schmidt :+1:

And what design options are crucial for you? Your feedback is highly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: