Seemless and smoother animation for progress bar

Just for a future thought i recently ran into this site as i was looking for a music player to embed to my website on Squarespace to show case my tracks to sell. I really liked the first player template but now using it I would suggest some updates on it. The Progress bar skips, Id really like see it more seamless and smoother animation to it. Also the Track list takes up the right hand side from top to bottom, which hides the cart from my website so id suggest an option to sizing the player to the persons liking. The music does skip every 10 seconds or so, I do feel that its something needed to be worked on as well as allowing the music to play seamlessly even when switching pages. It stops and after 2 seconds when the page loads it resumes.

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Hello @user12310 and welcome aboard :wave:

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us!

  1. I see the issue with the playlist hiding the cart on your website. I’ve forwarded it to the devs and will let you know once I receive a response from them.

  2. We already have a request for the seamless music playing when switching pages. You can vote for this idea to not miss any important updates - Make the music play before the page is loaded

  3. As for the seamless and smoother animation for the Progress Bar, we’ll try to consider this opportunity in the future. All the updates will be posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

  4. “The music does skip every 10 seconds or so, I do feel that it’s something needed to be worked on as well as” - Do I understand right that you’d like to have a 10sec skip forward/backward button in your widget?