Security // Multifactor Authentification (MFA)

For security matters, it would be great to have the possibility to set up a Multifactor authentification

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@Petzl_Distribution great suggestion, thanks a lot for sharing!

Do you mean that you’d love to have a 2-step authentication process when logging in to your Elfsight dashboard? Like having to enter an SMS code that has to be sent to your phone?

Yes that’s it! It could be by SMS or by email.

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@Petzl_Distribution got you, thank you!

I hope the devs will decide to consider your request, I’ll keep you updated on the progress here :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help, it’s much appreciated!

I’m having to move all our forms over to another platform due to the lack of 2FA. It’s such a shame, there is nothing quite as good and customisable as Elfsight forms, but if 2FA is not added within the coming days I am having to move everything over.

@AndreDM I’m really sorry that 2FA seems to be a dealbreaker for you.

It’s true that we don’t support it at the moment, but could you please explain what exactly worries you at this point? Maybe we have a solution for you already.

Thank you!

Our organisation processes a lot of sensitive data, including health data. We are therefore required by our insurance company to ensure that any platform processing and storing this data is protected by 2-factor authentication. An alternative would be if we were able to set Elfsight to not store data or delete it as soon as it’s processed (no retention period). As neither of these are available, we have to move to a more secure platform for our forms. We will still use Elfsight for other things that aren’t data processing.

@AndreDM thank you for getting back to me!

I’ve talked with the team, and I’m afraid 2-factor authentication is not something we’re going to build in the near future, I’m very sorry about it! We’ll definitely take it under consideration and will keep tabs on this request, as we do monitor the most popular suggestions and requests.

I wish I had more encouraging news to share, but this is what I have to say for the time being :frowning:

I really hope our other widgets will serve you well, but we’re always here should any help or assistance needed.

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Thanks Helga, I appreciate the responses. I know it’s not a priority right now, so I’m happy to explore other options. I love your platform and widgets otherwise, so I’ll be sticking around for non-data bits!

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Thank you so much for your understanding and your kind words, @AndreDM! I genuinely hope you won’t be disappointed :slight_smile:

Given the rise of identity cyber crimes, two-step authentication (for example by using Google authentication app) is a MUST in any applications.

As a business owner, I take cyber security seriously, and so should elfsight.

It has been 8 months since the original post, is this still on elfsight’s near future road map and when is this going to be implemented?

Thank you.

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@Loc, thank you for your comment here!

You’re absolutely right about the importance of two-step authentication. We’ve just discussed it with the devs, and what I can tell for sure is that it’s definitely on their agenda. I’m afraid we don’t have any timeline as yet, but we’ll make sure to evaluate it. We’ll post here in case of any news and updates.

Thank you for your contribution, it matters!