Search or more results per page

I am wondering if there are any changes on the horizon to help getting around the admin side of Elfsight.?

More than 10 results per page would be a good starter, or an ability to search across an app, or all apps in an account - I could use CTRL-F to find the instance I want since I have named all of the instances in a meaningful way, or better still just use a search function across apps / within an app.

Since I use Elfsight extensively this would be a really important update, and it gets more important the more I use the apps. Is there a timeline for improvements such as this.?

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Phil, your question is totally understandable, thank you for raising it!

As you might know, we’re working hard on our new Dashboard, meaning that we’re not planning to keep improving our old one. All the users will be transferred to the new dashboard within the next few months (fingers crossed), and the old dashboard will be retired.

The good news is that the new dashboard already supports a search option across widgets within the apps :rocket:

We also can transfer your account to the new dashboard out of turn if you wish, so that you have access to new features and new apps faster. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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Thanks Helga, I would like to take you up on that offer of jumping a few places, even helping with Beta testing if that is an option too.

I think from past conversations that some app in my account is an issue with regard to moving to the new dashboard… only thinking about this now I am realising I have asked the question before.

Great! Yes, there were hiccups with certain widgets, but all is good now, and your account can definitely be transferred now :raised_hands:t2:

Your feedback would be super helpful too, so we’ll be waiting for it on our forum!

As for the account transferring, since you have an Enterprise plan, I’ve passed this task over to our Enterprise accounts manager so that everything is done without a hitch. Please expect a message with all further instructions from Sofia within a day or two :slight_smile:

Helga, HUGE MASSIVE thanks, this will be really helpful for me. Happy to help with this, and if you need any Beta testing of anything, new apps, functionalities etc etc, put me down as a candidate for that. All the best

This is so kind of you, Phil, thank you so much for the initiative! :heart_eyes:

Although we don’t have anything particular in this regard at the moment, we’ll definitely have you in mind :slight_smile:

By the way, we have a Champion program here in the community, where we’re going to give early access to new features, discuss forum development, and more! You can find all the details in this post, so hit me up in case you get interested :slight_smile: